We create our reality through our intentions.

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the H.I.  Model


Provide you with the tools to become more aware of what's been standing between you and your healthiest version of yourself.

Empower you to accept responsibility for the choices you make that help create your reality. 


Set you up for success by teaching you how to become more resilient when life throws you curveballs


And of course, we do this all with the best intentions for ourselves and others.
What does Intentionality have to do with it?
We often go through life saying that we want one thing or another, while the other hand is crossing its fingers behind our back. Intentionality makes us face the conscious and unconscious level, and make sure their intentions are working together. Without this, we will continue to be pulled in opposing directions and never quite reach where we truly want to go. So, we have to face ourselves, become real with what's going on, and become aware of what's keeping us from reaching those goals. 
This is why our model involves 3 parts; awareness, empowerment, and resilience. For long-term changes and lifetime wellness.

meet your holistic health coach


Naturopathic Medical Doctor  

Master of Science in Acupuncture
National University of Health Sciences 
Bachelor of Science in Dietetics

Minor in Entrepreneurship  
Central Michigan University

Kierstin DeWitt, ND, RAc

Most Doctors "practice medicine" and treat patients, but I work with people, and I practice health. Though the sick-care model is great for emergencies and injuries, it is not so great at long-term health and prevention of chronic disease. That is where I come in.
As a trained Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, I understand that health encompasses many aspects of life, that each person is unique, and that we are all coming from a different set of life circumstances. 
In addition to that training I am also just a naturally curious person. Throughout my life, I have played the role of the pesky sister/daughter constantly asking, "Why? How? Do I have to? What for? Can it be done differently? What else?", which has lead me down a rabbit hole (or 1000) of seeking the Why's and How's of life, health, and medicine.
With this passion for understanding, I want to not only better understand others but help them better understand themselves.
I want to help others ask themselves the difficult questions, and help them navigate through the answers. 
Together we will discuss the various aspects of life that influence one's health and how one can 
 make intentional choices each and every day to get one closer to their picture of health.
I know the importance of having support while we swim through the depths of life.
It's easy to get lost, or to not know where to begin. This is why Health Intentionally is about you, your questions, and your journey to find the answers.
I look forward to learning more about you and am excited to help you along your journey.
In Health,
Kierstin DeWitt

We are currently not accepting new clients at this time, please email healthintentionally@gmail.com for next available opening